spiralshannon's Journal

16 June 1979
Beaverton, Oregon, United States
Beaverton High School - Beaverton OR (1994 - 1997)
University of Oregon - Eugene OR (1997 - 2001)
Interests: (137)
3wa, activism, alternative spirituality, alternatives, apo, art, balance, baths, beauty, bellydance, bellydancing, benefit, black phoenix alchemy lab, bliss, board games, books, bust, cards, cats, chai, coffee, community, computers, consciousness, cooking, crafts, cranium, creating, dance, dancing, dar williams, dark chocolate, dave and tracy, decadence, decorating, depeche mode, design, dreams, eclectic stuff, education, ellipses, energy, energy healing, equal rights, exploration, family, feminism, freedom, friends, fun, fuzzy things, gadgets, games, gaming, geeks, gemini, goddesses, green, greeting cards, gypsy caravan, harmony, individuality, intelligence, jewel tones, jonatha brooke, joy, juggling, knitting, knowledge, language, learning, libraries, lush, magic, making things, massage, middle eastern dance, middle eastern music, movies, mraz, music, natacha atlas, nia, nlp, office supplies, oils, organic food, paganism, peace, pens, personal growth, pontiki, portland, pride, psychology, puffins, purple, rain, reading, red wine, reiki, rent, rpgs, runes, saris, sci-fi, science, sensuality, service, sewing, sex, shiny things, silk, singer songwriters, singing, sleeping, spirals, spirituality, sporks, sun, sustainability, tarot, tattoos, tea, teaching, the moon, thunderstorms, tmbg, touch, toys, transformational education, travel, tribal belly dance, tribal fusion bellydance, weetzie bat, wings, yarn
Well... I'm me.